Our Policies

Our Policies

Booking Terms

  • Wedding bookings/Venue rentals: 50% of the rental fee (Rental Deposit) is due at the time of booking. The Rental Deposit is applied to the cost of the Rental Fee. The venue will not be considered reserved until 100% of the Rental Deposit has been paid and the payment verified by Management. Once we sign a contract to hold your chosen date, we make that date unavailable for anyone else.

  • The Rental Fee + Cleaning and Breakage Fee will be completely paid at least 30 days prior to the wedding or event.

  • Acceptable forms of payment are credit card, personal check, cash or some combination of these.

  • TheTexas sale tax (6.75%) will be added to the total of all venue related services booked except for alcohol service(see alcohol service policy below).

Refund andCancellation Policy

  • 50% of the Rental Deposit + 100% refund of Cleaning and Breakage Fee is given for cancellations no later than 180 days before Event Date.

  • 50% refund of Rental Fee+ 100% refund of Cleaning and Breakage Fee is given for cancellations between 180 days and 60 days before the Event Date.

  • 0% refund of Rental Fee+100% refund of Cleaning and Breakage Fee is given for cancellations less than 60 days before the Event Date.

  • If due, a refund of the Cleaning and Breakage Fee will occur within 30 days after the Event Date. The amount refunded is 0% to 100% of the fee subject to Management’s discretion.

Inclement Weather Policy

  • For outdoor weddings if the National Weather Service forecasts above a 30% chance of rain on the wedding day, Management in consultation with the wedding party reserves the right to move the event to the Event Hall . The event also may be moved indoors due to excessive wind or extreme temperatures, although every reasonable effort will be made to accommodate the Renter’s wishes. The decision to move an event indoors will be made by 10 a.m, again only after discussion with the Renter.Once a function has been moved inside, it will not be moved again.

Alcohol Service Policy

  • Our TABC alcohol service permit requires that all alcohol served on the Property be provided and served by Management. We therefore cannot allow guests to bring their own alcohol nor can we allow caterers or other vendors to serve alcohol.We provide several alcohol service options for wedding receptions and other events as an Additional Service. The following options are available:

  • Hosted bar service based on total consumption (plus bartending and security) which is calculated at the conclusion of the event;
  • Open bar service based on an hourly rate for a predetermined number of hours, guest count and drink consumption per guest;
  • Cash bar service in which the guests are responsible for payment of any drinks consumed. Please see the manager for details and pricing of each option.
  • All alcohol service must be discontinued 30 minutes prior to the end of your function. Please note we reserve the right to refuse service to intoxicated guests at the discretion of the server or bartender and may request proof of legal drinking age from guests. We also reserve the right to discontinue or temporarily close bar services.

  • As of Jan. 1, 2014, a mixed beverage sales tax (8.25%) is imposed on each mixed beverage (distilled spirits, beer, ale and wine) sold, prepared or served in Texas. This tax is included in the alcohol service estimate given by Towering Oaks.


  • All weddings and other events with fifteen or more guests in which alcohol is served require the contracting of independent security personnel for a minimum of your event duration plus one additional hour after its conclusion. We will normally provide off-duty police officers for the event. Otherwise, you may arrange for the security for your event. Please note that all independent security must be fully licensed, insured and approved by Management. A minimum of one security guard per 100 guests is required.


  • Removal of all items brought by guests (candles, party favors, etc.) as well as all food and trash brought in by caters.

  • Food preparation will be limited to warming and final assembly.

  • Caterers are responsible for all service dishes. The event center will not collect or store these items.

  • Tablecloths and other rented items are the responsibility of the person/organization renting.

  • You may add your wedding colors to our already decorated sites by bringing floral arrangements, bows, and table decorations. Covered wire is allowed to hang decorations. No nails, tape or staples may be used to hang decorations on walls, chairs or tables.

  • Candles are allowed but must be votive or in protective glass

  • Smoking is not allowed indoors but in a designated area.

  • Possession of firearms on the Property is prohibited.

  • No confetti, rice or birdseed in the Event Hall. Sparklers and flower petals are permitted in outdoor areas only.

  • Management is not responsible for items left behind at the end of the event. Renter is responsible for removing all of their event’s items (including decorations, programs, etc.) before opening of the visitor center on the day following event.

  • Special Event Liability Insurance is required. Policy must be in the amount of $1,000,000 combined single limit general liability. All insurance must name North Texas Venues LLC, its employees and affiliates, as additional insurees. Proof of insurance must be provided before event.

  • Caterers must provide evidence of comprehensive general insurance with extended liability and property damage coverage. The policy must be in the amount of $1,000,000 combined single limit general liability.

  • All signs, displays or decorations proposed by the event host are subject to Management approval. All directional signs must be printed in a professional manner.

  • The wedding host agrees to assume full responsibility for the conduct of and/or any damage caused by its members, participants, vendors or employees, and agrees to adhere to all Management policies.